Radio SHARK for Internet radio


You love your radio, but why are you listening to it on someone else’s terms? Time to take computerized control over your radio listening. With Internet radio and time-shift recording, it works on your schedule. Plug the radio SHARK “fin” into your computer’s USB port, load the software, and start tuning in. With your new SHARK , you can record AM and FM radio broadcasts in real time, or set up recordings to occur later, or according to a repeating schedule. Recordings are saved to your hard disk, and can be added (automatically) to your iTunes library for listening to on your iPod.

SHARK 2 can “pause” live radio, so if you need to take a break hit “pause” and come back later to right where you left off. Along with the SHARK “Fin,” you get the optional antenna extension (in case you live or work or play in the shadow of poor reception), and the easy-to-use radio SHARK 2 software.

The best part is that in addition to your usual AM/FM drivel, you get to explore the varied world of Internet radio.

For more information on where to buy ($49.99) go to Griffin Technology.


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    mm. strange..

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