Red Blackberry Pearl

RIM/Blackberry just announced a new color for their Blackberry Pearl, a deep red, to go along with the piono black and pearl white versions. With its digital camera, multi-media player and expandable memory slot, it comes closer to rivaling competitors in features, but still beats them all at it’s main functionality — emailing.

The Pearl from AT&T features an easy-to-use phone, an improved web browser, plus Push To Talk capability (which allows you to see whether family or coworkers are available to talk) and a GPS-based wireless navigation service. The built-in digital camera boasts 3 zoom levels (up to 5X) and flash, and the multi-media player supports MP3 and AAC music files, as well as MPEG4 and H.263 video formats.

Allowing up to10 supported personal and corporate email accounts, including most popular ISP email accounts, it’s quickly modeling itself to become more than an executive email-based device. Small and stylish, it’s bound to attract new users to the Blackberry platform.

For more info and photos, check out RIM.


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