New Nokia 3310 Come Back is Real

Nokia 3310 became the most popular mobile phone in the past few years. We’ve spent some more time playing with the new Nokia 3310 had have updated this hands-on with more of our findings – including footage of Snake!

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This mobile phone is also known to its long-lasting battery life and the and legendary Snake (well Snake II if we’re being accurate) game but this mobile phone died after high-in mobile phones came out including some smart phones which Nokia 3310 has no features on what the latest mobile phones have in the market.

But in 2017 the come back of Nokia 3310 is real.. LOL.!!! The Nokia 3310 price has been set at €49 (around $40, £35, AU$55), placing it perfectly as a secondary phone purchase and it’s one that will likely appeal to both Nokia fans and festivalgoers.  Below are the specs of latest Nokia 3310 mobile phone.

Weight: 79.6g
Dimensions: 115.6 x 51 x 12.8mm
OS: Nokia Series 30+
Screen size: 2.4-inch
Resolution: 240 x 320
Storage: 16MB, microSD (32GB)
Battery: 1,200mAh
Rear camera: 2MP


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